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Chaos Crew

Monday, October 13, 2008

AKC at Adams County Oct 11/12 2008

We were at the AKC trial this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday was not so good on paper, going 0 for 2, but the runs were actually nice. My Standard run was called for an offcourse before the timer even started - Skye decided to run with me rather than going over the first angled jump as I requested, so bring him back, put him over that jump, and then we had a nice clean run though with a very slow sit on the table.. In JWW everything was great but I crowded Skye at the weaves and he entered on the left side of the poles instead of on the right.

Sunday was much better with our second double-Q! Standard went well with again a bit of a delay requesting a sit on the table, but I managed to be almost 18 seconds under coursetime. JWW was a very flowing course and went fine. Almost 50% of the 20" Exc B dogs qualified in JWW. We placed 11th I believe, out of the 24 qualifiers.

Looks like I need to do some table work with Sits. Before my run on Sunday, while warming up I must have had him sit on command 10 times, and every time was fast, but add in a table, and its a different story. There's always something to train isnt there?!? Saturday's sit was probably 5 seconds wasted. Sunday's wasnt quite as bad, but I bet it was 3 seconds. I have Sundays run on tape so I will check this out when I pull the runs off it.

Sidenote: This was my first trial held indoors at the Adams County fairgrounds site. I had been to two outdoor trials there on grass which were nice, but indoors with 2 rings is very crammed with crating everywhere, people jamming the aisles everywhere and generally not such a good experience. Not enough room to take Rip along with me. This place goes to the bottom of my list of enjoyable facilities. At least there are a few good places there to throw a frisbee with the Skyeboy

Greg & Skye

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