Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Friday, June 26, 2009

Video from AKC at Castle Rock, June 2009

Here are the runs from our June AKC trial. We managed to finish our Open FAST Title (they dont have many trials with Fast here). We did not Q our first Exc. A FAST run.
On Saturday we had a couple nice runs and got a Double Q - our 7th. Just two more to qualify for Nationals, though we are only a little over halfway on points.
We Q'd one other JWW run, but our NQ runs were not bad and Skye was running fast especially in the Standard classes.
I'm just one STD Q away from our MX now.
We have two upcomming AKC trials in July.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Video from our Pueblo USDAA in May

I am finally getting around to putting the videos together of our last couple trials.
This one is from the USDAA in Pueblo. On Saturday, the weather was cool, a little rainy, and completely cloudy - perfect weather as far as Skye is concerned. He had a lot of fast runs with some 1st places.
Sunday was back to normal Pueblo May weather, with sunshine and temps in the 90's. Skye was a lot slower but still ran OK for me.
We got 1st place in Performance Grand Prix so we have a bye to the 2nd round at our Regional.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Rip was rather, ahem, excited, to have his picture taken with Propel, a young (almost 2yr old) border collie that looks just like him. We should have taken a side view, as they have very similar faces from the side. Propel belongs to Caitlin Ascher who has had great success running her other dog Gadget.

An Ear-y feeling and AKC fun

Skye and I ran the 3 day AKC trial this past weekend, more on that in a moment.

As I usually do, I brought Rip along to the trial - he gets to meet & greet and socialize. On Sunday, about noon, Rip and I had just come in from a potty trip and when we got up in the bleachers, he was in obvious distress, crying and shaking his head. He was really upset with whatever was in his ear - a bug or something - couldn't tell. As Liz (a vet) was sitting with us, I asked her to see if she could find anything, and she couldn't, but its not like she had a scope or anything with her. Rip settled a little bit, but still kept shaking his head and kept his left ear kind-of pinned back. I put him in his crate so he would just rest. After a while I checked on him and he seemed to feel better but still tilted his head and kept shaking trying to get out whatever went in there. I thought it maybe could be one of those spikey grass seed things, as some of the grass was overly tall due to all the rain lately. So at the end of the day, about 3pm, we decided we would take him over to the emergency vet near the trial site.
Here is what they took out:

Ouch! Poor guy. They had to sedate him to get this piece of evil nature out of his ear. He's OK now. It did not pierce his eardrum.

So, for the trial results.
Skye and I had a very good showing. On Friday, we Q'd our JWW and almost Q'd STD except I gave an inappropriate collection/wrap signal causing him to knock the triple before the weaves. But for that one bar, we almost had a QQ.

On Saturday, we ran Open FAST and got our last Q so we could move to Excellent. Then we ran JWW and got the Q with a nice run. We then ran STD and Q'd that one too, so Yea QQQ day! Two more to go to qualify for Nationals.

Sunday, we ran JWW and three obstacles from the end was a tunnel - should have been an obvious entry for Skye but the bugger cut behind me to take the offcourse entry. Ugh! Then we had STD and Skye was running pretty fast. I gave an early cue to weave while he was still jumping (to avoid an offcourse jump) but that caused him to knock that bar. We finished it out again a bar away from a nice STD Q. We need 1 more STD for MX now, and the next shot is the two trials I have in July.

So, no missed dogwalk contacts again this weekend, and no weave entry or pop-out issues!!