Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some video of Rip and Skye at USDAA

Here is some video of Rip from USDAA.

Here is some video of Skye:


Anonymous said...

Very nice runs. I didn't realize that he stumbled going across the dog walk on the last one. Scary. I think you guys did a great job and it was fun to watch.

Greg S said...

Thanks Jackie. He was thinking it was the teeter. He has done that before, kind of runs up waiting for it to tip and when it doesnt, he goes on!

Morganne said...

Typical baby dog... mistaking the dw for the teeter. Rip looks great! How are you training the running contacts?

Sara said...

Loved Rip's down on the ground!

Very nice runs. I love watching the way you handle your dogs. You always seem so in control.

OK, now what's your secret to uploading videos to youtube without having your music muted by the copyright police? Everything I upload is muted within 60 seconds!

Greg S said...

Morganne - thanks! We are currently using a hoop at the end of the dogwalk. I have a hoop and a stride regulator on the AFrame. He is hitting them beautifully in practice, and I am relying on muscle memory / repetitions. He loves doing them. We started out teaching what the contact position was with the "box", I believe the Rachel Sanders method to some extent. As his confidence built though, he stopped respecting the box, so I moved to a different method. I know its going to take me months of repetitions.

Sara - funny you should say that - Youtube stripped out my music on Rip's video and I had to use their audioswap. I like the group "Creed" and they have them available so I picked one. For Skye's video, I have used that David Cook song before I they let it through, so now I use it once in a while.
For handling Skye, he is not as fast as Rip - I am going to have my hands full keeping up with Rip, but my long legs and speed will get me there!