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Chaos Crew

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Singing Frog

Anybody remember the classic Looney Tunes cartoon about Michigan J. Frog, aka "The Singing Frog"?
The worker finds a box with a singing frog in it. The frog sings great for him and he wants to show everyone. But... whenever anyone else is around, the frog doesnt sing. Just croooaaakkk. Thats it - no music, no nothing, just a frog.

Well, Rip is a singing frog! In practice, just us, he does great! He flys through his weaves, with me front crossing, rear crossing, running by, doing crazy things, and Rip stays in them, never popping out.
In front of anyone though, its like he doesnt even know how to weave. Pops out every time, unfocused, slow. It just kills me!
I dont want him to be a singing frog!!


Kim said...

OMG! This is one of my favorite cartoons ever :) I haven't seen it in years!

So just a thought, are you sure it's Rip that has this people distraction issue and not you? If you can get someone to watch without him having any idea that someone is watching and he does well then it's him...if not, then it might be you. Of it could just be that he needs more "in front of people" time to be able to perform up to par. My Holly is awesome at distance, excellent focus, never pops her weaves, screaming fast...but away from home her noviceness shows. She just needs more time to work through the distractions...maybe Rip does too.

Nice blog by the way!

Elayne said...

Yeah, well, I can empathize with this. I guess we keep plugging away until we work our way out of the black hole of green dog trial weave poles.

Morganne said...

weaves are the toughest obstacle to perform and require a lot mentally from the dog. Summit went through a phase early on where he lacked the ability to collect enough to get the entry. However, in our back field where he was relaxed and not stressed, he could hit an entry flying out of a 20' straight tunnel 10 feet from the weaves! Eventually, he learned to focus better in a trial environment and now rarely misses an entry.

Just be patient, Rip will calm down and learn to ignore the distractions and focus on weaving.

Nicki said...

I used to love that cartoon. I think I had a t-shirt! Hello my baby...