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Chaos Crew

Friday, April 15, 2011

Skye and Rip's MHGRC AKC results

We only played on Saturday and Sunday, and it was a very good show for us.

I did start the weekend off with a 'Doh!' experience in Rip's standard run. We are in Exc. A standard and ran with the tall dogs. The start was a U shaped tunnel to the dogwalk, but Rip managed to find the conveniently placed jump coming out of the tunnel instead. He stepped on the dogwalk and got in his 2-on-2-off position. I took him off the DW and then we went back on it to continue the course. Tweeet! went the judge's whistle, so oh well, no Q for us, just finish up the run. Tweeeeet!!! as we pass the next jump and chute and then I remember, 'Tweet' in AKC means you have violated the 4-paw rule and must leave immediately! Oops. I did apologize to the judge after, mentioning that I ran USDAA the prior weekend which doesnt make you leave when you hear the whistle.

Skye then ran Standard and had a really nice run which was good for 4th place out of the 66 20" B dogs!

Rip is now in Exc. B JWW, so we were looking to get our first ever MACH points, and he did not disappoint! Rip ran the course before Skye on both days and showed big-brother how it's done! He was clean with 14 MACH points on Saturday!

Skye then got to run and though he was about 1/10th of a second behind Rip's time, Skye also was clean for 14 MACH points and a Double Q - yeah!

On Sunday, we started with JWW, and Rip was the 3rd dog on the line for the day. He did really well and ran clean again for 10 more MACH points and his 2nd clean Exc. B JWW! Good boy keeping all those bars up!

Skye ran it after, and I pushed him trying to beat Rip's time, but when all was done, Skye finished clean but Rip still had him beat by 2/10ths of a second.

In Standard, Skye went first. There was one part of the course where the dog had to take the non-obvious side of the tunnel. This skill has haunted me and Skye for ages. I decided to handle it with a call over the jump to bring him to me, and release him into the correct end of the tunnel. The call worked - he looked at me, and then as I indicated, he shot over to the wrong end. I knew better, but worth a try right?!

Rip then ran Standard and had a great run. He flew over the aframe and through the weaves. He did miss his dogwalk contact because I was behind him, but he ran really fast and his time would have been good for 4th place in the Exc. B 20" group.
All in all, a really good weekend.

I will post some video when I get the runs in the next day or so.

Greg & Skyeboy & Rippers

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kiwichick said...

Nice job! WooHoo MACH points:-)