Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Friday, April 13, 2012

Video from last weekend

Finally my internet service has been restored to normal speed, so I could upload my videos.
We've become so accustomed to high speed internet, when we drop down to just about dial-up speed, it makes everyone crazy. Maybe it would be like if highway speed limits were dropped back down to 55 again - they are 75 out here!




Karissa said...

Nice runs! You were full of fancy handling moves with Skye. :o)

Nicki said...

Looks like fun courses. Dial-up sucks. I could never go back to that!

Greg S said...

LOL Karissa - yes, I was throwing in those fancy moves. Skye is a medium fast dog but he does much better if I can stay ahead of him and those blind crosses can keep me running fast and have him chasing me.
I've been working that 'behind the back' move that I did before the table on Sunday and it worked great for both dogs, and was much more effective that other handling choices that people made. Most got very wide turns and some got backjumps!