Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Monday, March 10, 2008

Skye's AKC weekend at Dougco fairgrounds

To start off, we got to play AKC's "FAST" game for the first time this weekend. It's interesting - a little Snookers meets Gamblers kind of game. Our first run on Saturday was FAST, and we managed the ugliest 1st & Q! As you are running, the judge is calling out the point value of the obstacle you just took, so our run started sounded something like "one.... two.... no two.... seven.... six.... no six.... four.... one..... no one...." So as Skye-boy was smacking down bar after bar, she'd announce the points, then take 'em away :-[ . It seems when he misjumped the second jump, he hurt himself a little bit which made him miss more jumps. Then he crept down the A-Frame real slow. We managed to get the distance challenge part... on the second try. I had at least planned for that ;-)

On Saturday we also had a nice Open STD Q & 1st. We NQ'd our first Excellent run ever, an Exc. A JWW run, by missing a pole entry. Well, we had been doing a lot weave entry training using just poles 1 & 2.... and apparently Skye thought we were just training entries again so he hit the entry and came out to me at pole 2. I had to remind him that if all the poles are there, he has to do all of them.

Sunday we did FAST again, and this time got a Q & 1st that was much more deserved. I got to experience a bit of a mad-scramble with my Open STD and EXC JWW runs, as the timing of them was to put me running both at the exact same time. I had to walk and remember 2 courses before I got to run either. This time I got to run my Exc A JWW first, and we had a nice run and Q'd with 2nd place (of 13 A dogs). Then just a few minutes later I was in the Open STD ring running. The first 2/3 of the run was nice, though it seemed a little slow. We got to the table, which was a down. When Skye laid down he then started licking the sore on the pad of his paw. I was feeling bad then, poor guy. After the table he did a jump and then knocked a bar or two on the triple jump, which probably was due to him being a little sore, so we just finished out the run with an NQ, but I was proud of him running for me when he was not 100%.

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