Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

USDAA at Loveland

We did a USDAA trial up in Loveland on the weekend of April 5/6

It was our 2nd ever USDAA trial and Skye and I had a great weekend, with 7 of 8 runs Q'd. We earned our PD1 title (performance dog 1) which means I move up to the PD2 level (think "Open") for the next USDAA trial. We missed having a perfect weekend because I didn't hold Skye's A frame contact on the Steeplechase run.

One funny moment was during our Snooker run. The tunnel was the 7pt obstacle, so I was trying to get 3 of those before the closing, and I mishandled it and found myself on the wrong side of the tunnel. The tunnel was stretched out straight, so when Skye came out the other end, I was trying to get over to the other side of it and called Skye to me - so he jumped OVER the tunnel and came to me... I was a little shocked and expected to hear the judge's whistle but it seems that is legal... so we kept going. I finished the Snooker run and duh.... didnt bother to cross the finish line to stop the clock so that cost me an extra 5 seconds, putting me in 3rd instead of 1st. Won't do that again!

A great success for us is that every weavepole entry was perfect. Some of you know that we've struggled with that and I've spent a lot of time working to fix it. We also had no trouble with the table which cost us 2 Q's the first time we tried USDAA.

Our ribbon cache was 2 Firsts, 2 Seconds and 2 Thirds

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