Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Monday, April 14, 2008

MHGRC AKC show at DougCo

We did the AKC show this weekend in Castle Rock. We ended up with 4/6 runs Q'd. I didn't get to write down my stats for Saturday, so I don't recall placements, but I had a nice FAST run with a Q and 72 points. We just missed the 5pt jump at the buzzer and had to subtract 2 seconds for over time. We also had a nice Open Standard run on Saturday and earned our 2nd leg toward the OA title. The Excellent A JWW run was going great but we managed an offcourse jump, so NQ there.

Sunday we again had a great novice FAST run, and I did manage to get all 80 points under time. That was good for a 2nd place Q behind the super speeedy Excellent B border collie Ayr. We then ran our Excellent A JWW course, which was a fun handling twisty course. Other than a blown start-line stay, which made the opening a bit of a scramble, the run was nice and ended with a Q and 3rd place. I need one more Exc. A JWW qualifier to move up to "B" with the huge pack of 20" dogs. Finally I was onto running my Open Standard course. I was hoping for a Q here so I could get my title and move onto Excellent in standard. It was a nice run but we got called for an AFrame contact, as I didn't give Skye a good line and was probably in his way. Our time would have been good for a 1st place if we were clean. Bummer!!

I am SO pleased that we nailed 6/6 weave pole entries!! There were a couple tough ones too.

This weekend leaves us 1 Q short of all our titles - Open Std, Nov. FAST and Exc A JWW, so I am looking forward to the next AKC show and the possibility of getting a few of those titles!

We also spent a ton of $$ on some really cool pictures of Baby and Skye from Doghouse Arts.

PS: I got two letters from AKC saying that my prior two Q's for Novice FAST that we did a couple weeks ago are null & void, as they were run in Novice A class, when I had other AKC titles. I was pissed because I had asked to be moved up from A to B, 3 weeks before the show, and was told they don't move you from A to B. As it turns out, they wont move you day-of-show from A to B, but they should have moved me since the closing date hadnt arrived.

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