Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Skye's AKC weekend at Castle Rock Sept 2008

We did the 3 day AKC show at the DougCo fairgrounds this past weekend. It was the first time we did an Excellent Only Friday which was cool. Friday we did Exc A Std, and we were the only 20" dog that qualified - I think there were about 17 dogs?! This earned our AX title and let me move up to Exc. "B". We missed the JWW run with an off-course tunnel that was just too tempting to Skye-boy. I was in position, but he had made up his mind beforehand - I should have suspected it and called harder to get the wrap - lesson learned there!

So starting Saturday, I am now in the land of Excellent B with all the other 20" dogs out there. Welcome to competing against 50 dogs every run! Our standard run was NQ'd with a wrong end of the tunnel entry. I had planned a FC that I talked myself out of which was a mistake. We did Q our JWW course though with an 8th place. We also missed our Open Fast run with a questionable jumped contact call.

Sunday was great with an 8th place Q in a tricky standard course (see course maps below for Sunday), followed by a Q in the Open Fast course outside, and then finally a 9th place Q in that JWW course. Our FIRST DOUBLE Q!!

Overall the courses were challenging, which made them that much more enjoyable - there was maybe a 20% Q rate. Lots of wraps, serpentine's, get arounds, and offcourse potential. Skye hit every set of weaves successfully too, which is Huge.
Greg & Skyeboy

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