Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rip training progress

I haven't done an update on Rip's training in a while. He is in our level 2 agility classes on Monday nights, which is where we begin some sequencing, focusing on crosses, as well as more obstacle familiarization and contact position training. Since we are already competing with Skye, we don't have to worry about the crosses and handling aspects so much, though I do have to drive in further to ensure Rip takes an obstacle, and don't run a sequence as though I am running Skye.
I am happy to say that Rip is really coming along well as an agility dog. His drive is ever increasing. Rip has come a long way from his original fears as he will now volunteer a fullheight teeter, which we havent trained in class. He's gone over full height dogwalks and AFrames without concern too.
Another cool development is Rip's interest in toys. He has graduated to constantly playing with a ball and bringing it to me to throw, which is huge. I have done a practice session with just a squeeky rabbit toy as reward.
During my daily practice sessions, I am working with the weaveamatics, doing contact positions, table, teeter, some light sequencing, some drive building, startline stay, jumping with wraps, etc.

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Skwyrlly said...

Excellent! I bet he's going to be awesome. We were demoted to stay in level I for a while and to be honest there's so many of you in Level II that I don't think I even mind that much. Maybe I can get Lorrie to do a Level II on Thursdays too and move to that one.

By the way, did Rip dress for Halloween?