Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Monday, April 13, 2009

Where is Joey?

Some might have noticed that my blog title is minus the "Joey" part, as it was "Gregs Dog Blog with Skye, Joey and Rip". I haven't been training Joey in agility for quite a while now as too much frustration had set in and I really just couldn't do it anymore. He's our hard headed deaf boy who just never listens! In reality, it would take me 30 times longer to teach him something than Skye or Rip, and I don't have the patience or time unfortunately. After more than a year at "level 3" agility, he still would bail off the side of a dogwalk, leap all his contacts, and was perfecting the teeter as a launch vehicle to get good air. He had zero startline stay and tunnels would call him from across the room. He thought every sequence had to start with a tunnel. The boy also has zero self preservation skills. He once went after a toy so carelessly that he bounced his head off the steel building's wall, and other folks in class thought he might have a concussion.

So, though he was funny and brought a good deal of entertainment to the class, I couldnt do it any longer.
I will still play frisbee with him, which in itself is quite comical, I am not going to do agility with him anymore, so I removed his name from the blog as it really is about my agility boys.


kiwichick said...

At least he still gets to have some frisbee fun with you :-) I have come to realize that agility is not for every dog.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for lasting as long as you did with him. As one of the people who witnessed your struggles in class first-hand, I can say you were more patient with him than anyone else I know would have been. While I love him dearly, I don't think I'd choose him for my agility dog in a million years :-)!!!

LauraK said...

I remember when I first started training at Friendship, you were in my class with him and he was definitely a character. I love the new blog layout by the way =) sorry I didn't stay for your jumpers run on Friday- it sounds like you had a pretty decent weekend though!