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Chaos Crew

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend USDAA report for Skye

We drove up Friday night for the Loveland USDAA trial as a big snowstorm was forecast, and I didnt think we'd be able to make the 140 mile drive early Saturday morning in the snow. As it turned out, the snowstorm didnt bring much snow, but lots of cold and wind instead.

So on to the trial - Skye and I did not have as much success as I would have liked, though there are bright spots.

The good :
  • On Saturday, we ran Snooker and had a great run, netting us 1st place and our 2nd Super Q!
  • On Sunday, we had a nice run in Standard, getting a 3rd place and Q, and I am now only 1 more STD away from our Performance MAD title.

The bad:
  • In Saturday's Gamblers run, we had a nice accumulation of opening points, but missed the gamble. NQ.
  • Saturday we also ran Performance Grand Prix and had a great run, pretty fast, but got called for the dogwalk contact, so NQ.
  • We ran Pairs on Sunday and though Skye and I had a great run on our 1/2, our partner had an offcourse so we were eliminated.
  • We had a decent run in Jumpers on Sunday, but we had 1 bar down, and I didnt give Skye a good line on a part of it and caused him to jump over the back side of a jump instead of the proper direction
The Ugly
  • Saturday's Standard run started out good, but about halfway through it went south, and then "parts kept falling off the truck" until we got to the finish.
  • We ran Performance Steeplechase on Saturday. The weaves were the 2nd obstacle and Skye missed the entry. We continued on, and had various other issues throughout, like he didnt stay on his line and continue a series of jumps, so I had to push him back out and over, then he got concerned about a jump setter who stood up as he was going by, and then he went by the last jump, and by the time I got him back and over it, we were well over time. After reviewing the tape, I see that I wasted 5 seconds re-doing a weave entry, 4 seconds putting him back on course to a jump, and 6 seconds bringing him back over the finish jump. 15 seconds wasted... Hmm.
So.. again I did not Q in either of the tournament classes. This is not the way to earn your way to USDAA Championships!!

We got to see our Utah friends again, and lots of really great runs by our Colorado competitors.
I will upload some video when its ready...


Elayne said...

Skye's a good boy, he'll get those Tournament legs for sure. Lots of chances between now and the cutoff for Nat'ls. and I heard we're having a Regional again this year so you've even got a chance for a bye in the Grand Prix.

Morganne said...

Congrats on the Super Q! Those are not easy. I would trade Sage's Standard Q's this weekend for that one little Super Q:-)

You've got two more local USDAA coming up in May to get those GP qualifiers.

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

Thanks for the giggle --- "parts kept falling off the truck." *That* concept is the story of my dog-training life.

Greg S said...

Yeah, Skye will get those tournament qualifiers. My Grand Prix run was really good except that little contact.
Check out the pix I just posted of "Mr Distracted" at the end of the Steeplechase round 1.