Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Thursday, January 6, 2011

USDAA Weekend coming up!

Finally after a month and a half since our last trial on Thanksgiving weekend we are competing again. We have what should be a relaxing 1 ring USDAA trial in Longmont. Skye and Rip are entered in everything, and this will be Rip's first Masters Pairs run. We still need 1 more Q in Snooker to move up to Masters there, though we dont have any Q's yet in Advanced Std or Jumpers.
This trial is starting on Friday afternoon with Gamblers and Grand Prix.

Katrina is running Baby, Rush and Ice too, though I think she has just one run per day per dog. Baby is just one jumpers Q away from getting her (new name, PDCH), which would give her the champion title in both Performance and Championship divisions.

USDAA has decided to rename some of the titles for the Performance division to more closely match the Championship division names, so what was the APD is now the PDCH.
The P1 is PD (Performance Dog)
The PII is APD (Advanced Performance Dog)
The PIII is MPD (Masters Performance Dog)

We had class this week, though took a 2 week break from training during the holidays. Rip ran well in class but Skye was a bit crazy - glad Gamblers is first!

For Skye, I am going to try and earn his PDCH-Bronze, which means I need to start entering Pairs again. I stopped entering it after 5 Q's since he doesn't like any dogs, and I don't like the stress of worrying if he's going to go after a dog. Hopefully going forward Katrina can enter Baby in pairs and we can get 10 Q's that way ;)
Skye has 15 Snooker Qs, 11 Jumpers, 9 Standards, 8 Gamblers and just the 5 Pairs. We already have our Tournament requirements, so I can see this ultimately coming down to a Pairs run!

Should be a good time!

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