Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who needs cats!?

The funniest thing happened when I came out of the shower today. Ok get your mind out of the gutter - Skye was standing by the end of the bed staring at the floor. Without my glasses on, anything beyond about 3 feet away is a little fuzzy, so I thought he was staring at a sock or something.

Apparently while I was showering, a mouse must have wandered by. I didn't even know we had any mice? The mouse was visibly stunned, apparently from the quick smackdown Skye gave him. The weird thing was how Skye was just giving him the stink-eye instead of having the mouse in his mouth!

I transplanted the critter outdoors. Not sure if he will survive the trauma, but he's probably got a better chance than if he hangs out in the bedroom!

Who needs cats!

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Karissa said...

You go, Skye!

My dogs are useless. Two summers ago I had a heck of a chipmunk invasion in the back yard -- holes everywhere!!! The dogs never got a single one. I resorted to setting up x-pens with rat traps (to keep the dogs away) and got like 7 of them...

Kaiser did get a vole once on a walk. Although honestly I can't say for certain it wasn't dead when he found it. lol