Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today was a milestone day for me and Skye in a couple ways.

First, I entered a USDAA trial later this month and for the first time ever, I entered only Rip. Skye is already qualified for Nationals this year, and at our last trial, he earned his Lifetime Achievement and P-ADCH Bronze titles - those are both items that factored into my decision, but also Skye really does not run well when it's hot out, and since this trial is outside in a park, at the end of June, it can very easily be 85 or 90 degrees, and I thought that rather than enter him and then be disappointed with 'slow Skye', that I will just not enter him.

Second, Skye Played! We got Skye as a rescue dog when he was probably 1.5 years old. In the 6.5 years that I have had him, he has had only 1 dog friend - an Aussie named Sydney who had as much attitude as he did. Funny how the two cranky dogs really liked each other, and loved to chase and hang out.
Today, he actually played and wrestled with a dog - my daughter's new border collie puppy Carbon. They played like old friends, and he was so appropriate and never hurt her. Carbon is only 11 weeks old but is quite spunky, and she really enjoys wrestling.
I was glad to have the video camera sitting on my desk so I could record this monumental event! They actually played for about 10 minutes before other distractions in the house took precedence.


Elayne said...

Those videos are wonderful! I think the behavioral successes are even better than the agility ones.

Karissa said...

Love the puppy -- so cute! :o) Luke doesn't like puppies much, but I am surprised to see how often he participates in play with Secret these days. Luke was an "only dog" for four years and really struggled with the idea of sharing space. He's always just lived with the other dogs, never really acting like a "dog" himself. Secret has kept picking away at him and he's finally found some fun in playing, I guess.

Next weekend I just have Secret entered at our USDAA trial. It's weird. I haven't shown just one dog since July 2009.