Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Sunday, June 22, 2008

NADAC at El Pomar Park, June 20&21

It was 1 year ago this weekend that Skye and I started trialling in agility. We have accomplished a lot in this last year, and this weekend was just the icing on the anniversary chocolate cake. We played on the short day Friday, and on Saturday.

Somehow, we managed to earn 5 titles while going 7/9 Q's. We finished our Novice Chances and Novice Touch-N-Go titles, which also earned us our Novice Versatility title. Then we had great runs in Open and got our Open Tunnelers and Open Jumpers titles, so we will move up to Elite in those for next time.

Our 2 Elite Standard runs were quite nice. One I got a Q while the other was NQ'd, though the run was still really nice. I had strangers tell me that they enjoyed the runs, which is always a good feeling. I did try to slip and fall on the wet grass during Chances, but caught myself, so not sure it's bloopers worthy.

My Skye-boy had great weave entries all weekend and no pop-outs. We missed one Weavers Q by not doing a leadout and having Skye too far ahead of me coming out of a tunnel, with the weaves being the next obstacle. He went by those and continued into an offcourse tunnel. After bringing him back we kind-of started over, and then it went fine from there.

All in all, we managed 5 1st places, and one 2nd place (Chances doesn't have placements). It was a great "warm up" weekend before the USDAA Regionals in two weeks, and it gives me a good confident feeling going into those.

Greg & Skyeboy

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kiwichick said...

Good Luck at the Regionals and congrats on your runs :-)