Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NADAC Castle Rock, June 7&8 2008

We played agility this past weekend at Castle Rock. We managed to Q half our runs, so 6/12. It seems either Skye or I figured out a way to NQ all 4 of our Elite Standard runs this weekend. We managed two not-so-pretty Q's in Novice Weavers to earn our title. We had two nice Open tunnelers runs for Q's and two 1st place runs in Open Jumpers.

Novice Chances once again managed to elude me. I am going to forever be in Novice in Chances. Saturdays' I messed up by not running fast enough and pulled him of the dogwalk contact. Sundays' I messed up by giving a bad signal and caused a bar to come down in the distance part.

In Standard, I give credit to Skye for our first missed Q, as he only wanted to weave 10 poles (twice). Our next chance on the same course, reversed, he decided to not go up the Aframe and seek out the hidden tunnel entrance under it. Probably that was half my fault and half his. On Sunday, in our next Standard run, I didn't support the tunnel causing him to go in the wrong end (our time was good - would have been 1st). On our last chance, the reverse of the previous course, we missed the tunnel/dogwalk discrimination.

On the bright side, even though Saturday's weaves were bad, we didn't have any trouble with weaves on Sunday (and yes, we DID do weaves on Sunday :-) )

Skye and Storm, who trains with us, were the two fastest dogs in all of Open Jumpers on both days.

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