Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3 days of AKC at Latigo, Thanksgiving weekend.

Skye and I attended the 3 day AKC show in the cold and snow this weekend. Fortunately the Latigo facility is only about 5 minutes from home, which made for a much easier drive than many people had with all that snow. Unfortunately, its not a heated facility, so by each afternoon, most everyone was feeling the chill.

Our Standard run on Friday was an eye popper with more faults than I have accumulated in an AKC run. Oy! We had a jumped DW contact which went to the table, with an on-and-off the table performance, then Skye got off the table at the 4 count, so that had to start over, then he popped out of the weaves at 10, and we finished it up with a knocked bar on the triple. What fun! JWW was nice except he entered the weaves at pole 2, so it was an NQ day.

Saturday wasn't much better than Friday, though we didnt have any disaster runs. The day started with JWW and again he had a weave fault. I haven't been stopping him for missing entries or popping, trying to keep his weave motivation high and not worry him or slow him down, which has been working for the most part, so we just keep going... Standard was an OK run, with good weaves (yeah!), but it was again a Dogwalk to Table and we had the repeat of Friday with a jumped DW contact followed by and on-and-off the table performance. Guess what Skye-boy got to practice on Saturday night!

Sunday I went in with good thoughts and we managed to salvage the weekend with our 3rd Double Q!!
I was mildly concerned that again the Standard course had Dogwalk to Table, but it went OK this time. I wasnt behind him on the DW this time since it was a tunnel with a flip up onto the DW. I felt like we ran a bit conservative, but still got 17 MACH points out of it.
JWW was a nice flowing course and again we had good weaves! We managed 10 MACH points.

I'll post video after getting it off the camera.


Nicki said...

yeah for sunday runs!

Morganne said...

It took Carol and I 4 hours to drive back to Lakwood!

Congrats on the QQ!