Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rip weigh-in and height measure (attempt)

Last week I weighed Rip at 42.5lbs. He looks to be filling out a bit and not so skinny anymore. I double checked weight again yesterday and he was back down to under 42lb. Ugh!

He does not like the measurement wicket that we have, so getting any semblance of an accurate height measure has been difficult at best. He sort of slinks under it when I can actually coax him under with food rewards. I was clicking/treating when he got near it, then as I got him to duck under. Still lots of work to do on that. I found that if I entice him with cat food in a can, that the wicket isnt as scary. Soooo anyway, his measurements are all over the board, anywhere from 20.5" to 21.25".
Probably somewhere in-between is the reality. I dont know how much longer Rip has to get taller, as he is now 14 months old.

Of course, if he is over 21", that means jumping 26 in USDAA if we want to play in the Championship division. Seems really high, which is why I have Skye jumping 22" in the Performance division, as Skye measures 21.25".


Anonymous said...

Peace be with you

Nicki said...

that seems like it would be tough on a 21 inch dog's joints to jump 26 inches. I hear USDAA is fun but also seems hard on the dog. I actually hate to see people jumping their dog 26 inches in AKC when they don't have to-most people do it to get the extra MACH points-sometimes I think people lose perspective on what's important...

Morganne said...

Sage's first measurement in USDAA was 21". Her permanent measurement is 20.25 (big difference). Because of her structure and build, I would never have jumped her at 26". However, Summit (19.5") could easily jump 24" and we sometimes practice at that height even though he competes in the 20/22" class.

I think it all depends on the dog's structure. Rip seems pretty lean and leggy and 26" may be doable for him.