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Chaos Crew

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rip Training Update.

I don't have any video to share this time, but thought I would recap training progress on my Rip boy (who is usually called "Rippers"). I'll just break down his performance and what we are doing with each obstacle. Rip is a very soft dog that I need to be careful to not shut down - he wants to be right, and will try to correct something when I don't give him a "yes" but instead an "oops", but if he doesnt get it right after two or three tries, he will just lay down and not respond. He will think that he's in trouble when he is not, so everything has to be extra upbeat with him.

  • A Frame - we are using the "box" method to achieve a running contact. At this point Rip is successful probably 90% of the time. I will have to watch this as his training continues and he gains more & more confidence
  • Dogwalk - like the Aframe, we are using the "box" method here too. We are training for USDAA contact sizes as they are the most restrictive. Rip is probably 80 - 90% successful on his dogwalks as well. He does understand contact position, as shown by sometimes volunteering a contact by walking up a little, turning around, and standing in the "zone".
  • Teeter - I use just one word for the teeter performance "teeter". I just expect him to run up and when it bangs, go. I dont tell him to touch or anything other than "teeter". He does well and I have not seen any flyoffs.
  • We work a lot of single-jump exercises including figure 8's, both front cross and rear cross style (though he's still wide on the RC's).
  • We have been working wrapping, signalling with the offhand. He is still not collecting as I'd like consistently, so more work here.
  • Distance - I've been working on sends to a single jump. This is going well, and my send distance is about 20 feet.
  • Jump grids -we have done some jump grids and he's been doing well. I want to make sure he single strides to the next jump when he can make it, and can read when the jumps are at varying distances. Still plenty of work to do here.
  • Box drills - we havent done too much here. This is better done outside, so need some snow to melt again.
  • Pinwheels - have done a little bit here with 3 jump pinwheels. Havent done any 4 jump pinwheels.
  • Since we got to 12 poles with the 2x2 method, I've been working on building drive (using some open channels and 2x2's offset), as well as changing the environment for weaves. I have used upright weave-a-matics indoors, channels and standard weaves in the training building with the rubber mulch flooring, and outdoors on 2 different sets.
  • Need to continue working various entries. Thus far I have worked jump-into-weaves about 90% of the time. Need to include tunnel to weaves as well to proof collection.
  • I will work on more distance from the weaves / send to weaves.
  • Continue to work crosses before and after weaves. Rip hasnt been phased by any crosses I have done - it doesnt pull him out or cause him to miss entries so far.
  • On occasion he will miss, either by not collecting after hitting the entry, or a couple times he has entered at pole 2 though this doesnt appear to be a problem.
  • Need to watch the 2x2 DVD again for more proofing thoughts, and drive building thoughts.
  • We haven't worked on the chute much at all, mostly because its a 2 person training obstacle and Rip really doesnt care for it, so I have to do some coaxing. I really need to build his confidence with the stinking chute, as we will see it everywhere.
Tunnels / Tire
  • No real issues here - just continue to do them including various crosses before and after.
Startline Stay
  • Rip does really well staying when I tell him to. I havent tested to see how far away I can get, but its been at least a couple obstacles, and seldom would I ever need much more than that, especially on a green dog.
  • He will take the obstacle in front of him when released from a stay, but I havent tried to see if he will take the obstacles if I am off to the side when he is released - need to work this.
  • No issues. He seems to like the table, probably because we did a lot of play training on the table.
  • He's a softie, so he downs when I tell him down, and sits when I tell him sit. I have tried getting a little distance with him on the table, but need to work this more.
Squeaky Tennis Ball
  • He has love for all things round and squeaky! He reallllly wants to play when I grab this toy and its worked quite well for me in getting this boy trained.


Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

I've learned so much from training a soft dog. Since Lilly is my first agility dog, I have nothing to compare it to, but one of our agility trainers told me once that's it is nice to work a dog "with a conscience," so that's how I think about it.

Funny story --- Lilly is so sensitive to cuss words. We have to call the chute PUSH because if I said CHUTE on course, she would hear SHOOT and think she's in trouble.

P.S. Thanks for adding the comment option for us.

kiwichick said...

Sounds like Rip is progressing really well. Believe it or not Rift is a bit soft in some areas too but he has got a lot more confidence lately. I am a bit worried about his startline this weekend but I won't pressure him too much i.e. short leadout if any so we will see.

LauraK said...

Are you still going to be in our class or are you leaving us?

Greg S said...

Hey Laura, looks like Rip is going to a different class on Wednesday nights. I'll still stop in to see how you guys are doing - I bet you will be moving up pretty soon too.

Jackie said...

I finally got time to read this. Good post. We're quite a ways behind you on many things, such as weaves and our contacts while we're moving. We'll get there soon. I think I've got all the drive I can handle though! I'm looking forward to Wed. night and watching my dog roll around on her back! ;-)