Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Friday, May 8, 2009

OTOTD - Odd Thoughts of the Day

Some odd thoughts of the day...
  1. At least once a day, all the dogs will howl. Usually one of them outside will start it, and the rest of them in the house will join in. I will often join in. Rip has a WoooWoooooWoooo kind of howl, while Skye will bark-howl.
  2. Dogs train themselves to notice certain cues all day. For example, when I end a conference call (I work from home), it seems I will say Ok, Bye a certain way, and then any dogs in my office will get up and be ready to do something, even though I havent yet moved...they just know that I probably will.
  3. Why do some handlers yell "Stay" at the bottom of a contact when they obviously don't mean it?
  4. Our deaf dog Joey hates when I hammer nails while doing home improvement projects. I was replacing a window today, and when I would hammer, he whined and carried on in his crate. He could not see me.
  5. At approximately 3:20 every day, Rip will come and poke me with his nose to tell me its time to play ball.
  6. Bless you folks who have the stick_to_it_ivness to run a dog in agility who gives the impression that sniffing the ground is more fun than agility, or whose attention span is 4 obstacles. I could never do it, and am amazed at the patience of those who can.
  7. Why do we all feel the need to make some hissing sound, or clap, or say "get it" over and over again while our dogs are weaving? Guilty as charged...
  8. I would be fine if I never heard the word "twitter" ever again.
  9. I never before kept a diary or journal or wrote very much until this whole Blogging phase came about. Why is it so interesting, and why do I need to read a bunch of them every day?
  10. What is so satisfying about peeling the green cover off a tennis ball, or dissecting a squeaky toy to take out the squeaker, or tearing newspaper into strips? Dogs do strange things.


Sara said...


In regards to number 9 - soon there will be BA(bloggers anonymous). Meetings will be held LIVE, streaming from of course.

Diana said...

Very funny! Im guilty of number 9 too. Diana

Nicki said...

I agree with 2,3,6,7, and 9. See you guys at BA

Kat Post said...

I want to know how my husband can write pages and pages of blog info but the love notes to me are barely a sentence. :)

Greg S said...

I know, Huh!