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Chaos Crew

Monday, May 4, 2009

Skye's AKC weekend at Latigo, May 2&3

This weekends AKC trial with Skye was not all I had hoped it would be, but there were many positives. The trial was hosted by the German Shorthair Pointer club - it was their specialty event.
Skye did manage to hit the dogwalk contacts in both standard runs, and I will continue to train his 2o2o criteria this week for our upcoming USDAA trials the next two weekends.

On Saturday's Standard, there was a tunnel under the AFrame and the dogs were to take the tunnel and then a panel jump into another tunnel. I did not support the tunnel under the AF and moved laterally away too quickly pulling Skye up the AF. Completely my fault. The rest of the run was good but with a missed weave entry. It was one of those entries that Skye will often miss, so I wanted to see if he might hit it without my shaping his line, since our run was NQ'd anyway, and he went in a pole 2 which I was not surprised about. I am SOOO glad I have trained Rip to find these entries with the 2x2 method.

In Saturday's JWW, it was just one of those runs where we were not running connected. I started off as a run-with, and at the second jump Skye was looking to go right as I rotated left to a pinwheel. No offcourse there, but we went around the pinwheel, did the weaves, and then on the straight with the triple followed by the double, he wasnt paying any attention and went left as I went right. Not too much good to say about the run.

In Sunday's Standard, we had a great run - I had fast Skye-boy and we were moving nicely through the course. He was connected and driving. We got called for the AFrame contact though (I thought he had it, but the judge was right there so probably not). We finished up with a fast time, just .8 seconds behind Skye's "sister" Sage who took 2nd. I felt really good about that run.

Finally, we finished with JWW and it was quite the interesting course. I have to say, I dont ever recall a course where there were so many options on how to get through it. It was so interesting that a big crowd gathered at ringside as the 16" class started running it just to see how people chose to handle it.
I did a "around the back of the tunnel" path at the 3rd obstacle to keep Skye's line as good as I could get it and we ultimately Q'd it with a 5th place finish.

So, at least the NQ streak is over. We were jumping 20" in this trial.
I'll post video when I have it, and maybe the course maps.


kiwichick said...

I wouldn't call the NQ streak a streak. It only lasted one trial :-)

Morganne said...

Skye's dogwalk looked good! He was definitely collecting and adding an additional stride at the end.

I LOVED Sunday's jumpers course. So many ways to have handled it. I wish I could have run it 5 times and changed my strategy each time:-)