Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Monday, June 15, 2009


Rip was rather, ahem, excited, to have his picture taken with Propel, a young (almost 2yr old) border collie that looks just like him. We should have taken a side view, as they have very similar faces from the side. Propel belongs to Caitlin Ascher who has had great success running her other dog Gadget.


Diana said...

Thats funny , they do look like twins. Diana

Jackie said...

Wow! That's pretty incredible. Isn't Propel related to Vega or is it one of her other dogs? I can't remember.

LauraK said...

how cute- they definitely are twins! sounds like you had an awesome weekend with Skye, sorry to hear about Rip's little grass seed incident, that's never fun. Glad he's ok! I'd love to watch the 2x2 dvd to see what it's all about if you don't mind, that's really nice of you to offer :)

kiwichick said...

Wow very alike!!
Rift's twin is Strummer, Elaines young BC.

Greg S said...

Hey ya Julie, now that you mention, Rift does look a lot like Strummer!

And Jackie, as we discovered, Propel is an actual brother to Vega from a previous breeding!

Morganne said...

We should get a picture of Sage and Skye together sometime!