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Chaos Crew

Friday, June 26, 2009

Video from AKC at Castle Rock, June 2009

Here are the runs from our June AKC trial. We managed to finish our Open FAST Title (they dont have many trials with Fast here). We did not Q our first Exc. A FAST run.
On Saturday we had a couple nice runs and got a Double Q - our 7th. Just two more to qualify for Nationals, though we are only a little over halfway on points.
We Q'd one other JWW run, but our NQ runs were not bad and Skye was running fast especially in the Standard classes.
I'm just one STD Q away from our MX now.
We have two upcomming AKC trials in July.


Nicki said...

Nice runs

Sara said...

Congrats on your title!

Great runs!

Greg S said...


Morganne said...

I see you were one of the few who did the double FC to the chute (in the first standard run). I thought Liz and I were the only two who attempted that.

Very nice runs!

Greg S said...

Thanks Morganne, I noticed most people rear crossed the chute and caused their dogs to turn the wrong way. A few stayed on the outside of the pinwheel and ran fast & pushed the chute, but I liked the double front and thought I could get there. I saw you do it as well, but I dont think I saw Liz's run. It was a fun course, and if not for my knocked triple, I would have had my most seconds under time - Skye was running pretty fast!