Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Video from our Pueblo USDAA in May

I am finally getting around to putting the videos together of our last couple trials.
This one is from the USDAA in Pueblo. On Saturday, the weather was cool, a little rainy, and completely cloudy - perfect weather as far as Skye is concerned. He had a lot of fast runs with some 1st places.
Sunday was back to normal Pueblo May weather, with sunshine and temps in the 90's. Skye was a lot slower but still ran OK for me.
We got 1st place in Performance Grand Prix so we have a bye to the 2nd round at our Regional.


Sara said...

Those were great runs.

I agree with Skye on the weather! 90 is too hot to do much of anything.

Greg S said...

Thanks Sara - we have an outdoor trial in 2 weeks and it will probably be over 90 degrees, so we shall see how that goes. We only entered the first 2 runs of the day though (USDAA)_