Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rip is on a DAM team!

I've decided to enter Rip on a DAM team at our upcoming September (11-13) Regional event! I have no expectations of a Q, nor does the rest of our team as we all have inexperienced young dogs. In fact, that inspired our team name "Black and White and Green". We will join Mary w her border collie Split and Val with her smoothcoat border collie Trickster for a fun, no pressure, lets-get-experience team. If we can run clean, it will be interesting to see how our times stack up to the Masters dogs.

Skye is also on a PVP team with Susan Anderson's dog Ring. We are both pretty consistent, and Ring needs the Q for Nationals (Skye qualified in January), so hopefully I can help Susan out. Since Skye is mostly white and Ring is all black, I came up with the team name Ying and Yang. If you are not familiar with that, its typically represented by this symbol:


kiwichick said...

Sounds like a fun team. Maybe next year we can do an all smoothcoat BC team !

Morganne said...

Summit was on a baby-dog DAM team last year at Regionals. It was a lot of fun and nice that we got to run Masters level courses in team rather than the wide-open Starters level courses.