Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rip's Debut!

This weekend Rip and I did a DOCNA trial as his agility debut. He did a great job!

We had some issues as expected, but overall he was fast, enthusiastic, and had a good time. My Rip boy is the best! We MUST do about 100 more repetitions with the hoop on the AFrame though. He missed most of his AFrames, though on the plus side, he did hit almost all of his dogwalks.

A couple times he thought the dogwalk was the teeter, so he slowed at the top before realizing it was the DW. We had a few run-by's on jumps, but that's OK - its my handling that I need to adjust as Rip is not Skye.

We only Q'd 2 of our 8 runs, missing a couple due to dropped bars (in jumpers) and a couple due to jumped contacts (Standard), but all the runs were great.

Here is a video of some of them. Check out those weaves - love my 2x2 trained boy!


Sara said...

Awesome! He did great for his first time. He just looks like he is so much fun to run with.

Great weaves - he did great on snakes & ladders. I couldn't tell if he Q'd that run of not-couldn't see his contacts, but that run can be torturous for beginner dogs.

LauraK said...

you guys looked great out there- he sure is a fast boy! glad you two had a fun debut :)

Elayne said...

Rip looks great! What a good boy. We had some run-bys this weekend too, seems a common theme for the baby dogs. It's hard to remember you're not running your masters dog isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Looks like a great start for you guys.

So how did Trigility go?

kiwichick said...

I am already envious of your startline :-) Fantastic debut!

Nicki said...

Looks like a happy young dog with a lot of potential. Congrats!

Greg S said...

Thanks everyone!!! We did have a great time running this weekend. There were the baby dog mistakes as expected, and it really is hard to stay focused on the fact that the baby is not the experienced dog. Take nothing for granted!
We Q'd the Snakes & Ladders from the video and Q'd Trigility with Dash and Rhett. Both were 1st places. I am pretty sure Rip had the fastest time of ALL dogs in that round of Snakes (Specialist, Intern & Beginner all run the same course except Beginner has a set of 6 poles where the others have 12)