Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rip running contact training

Since we did the DOCNA trial a couple weeks ago and missed most of our contacts, I have gone back to really reinforcing them using a hoop at the bottom. Initially I had trained him to hit the "box" that I placed on the contact zone, but as his confidence built up, that deteriorated.
I am going to see if I can rely on muscle memory to get a consistent performance. I have tried to run him over his contacts every day. I have a little more than 3 weeks before his next trial - his DAM team at the Rocky Mountain USDAA Regional.

Here is a video of our training. I think his dogwalk is looking AWESOME.


LauraK said...

looking great Greg! I just love that Rip boy of yours :) I can't believe how different the training field looks with "grass" in it now!

Elayne said...

Is that the field where the DOCNA trial will be this Sept.?

Both the dogwalk and A-frame look great to me.

Greg S said...

Thanks Laura & Elayne,

Yes, that is the field that we will use for the trial. Over the summer, we moved the equipment to our open field (where the easy-ups/crating was) and we put down a bunch of grass seed and encouraged the low growing weeds to grow and try to fill in as much as we could. The groomed dirt was good, but a lot of maintenance when it packed and you'd get dirt in your eyes when it was windy, so we are giving this a try :)

kiwichick said...

I understand now why you want to wait before trialling again. Good choice. I will watch the video's when I get home. Hopefully I will see Rip run at the ACAT trial in October :-)

Elayne said...

Yay! Nothing was wrong with the dirt but grass is always so much nicer.

kiwichick said...

Saw the videos last night and he looks great!