Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Sunday, July 27, 2008

AKC trial at Latigo, July 26 & 27

My Skyeboy did me proud this weekend at the AKC trial at Latigo. I went into the trial needing 1 Q for both my AXJ and OA titles. Skye got those Q's for me on Saturday (two first places too), and decided to get two more Q's on Sunday to go 4/4. Yea! My boy also got all his weaves, which always makes me happy.

Sunday's Exc. Standard course tricked a lot of people - the Q rate was less than 25%, and of the Exc. A dogs, only 3 of 27 managed to Q. Skye was one of the very few!

Sunday's JWW was our first run in Exc "B" and our first opportunity to earn MACH points. We managed a Q and now I have 6 points.

Rip went with us (along with Ice and Rush) and he did awesome. Wow this was the first time since we got him a week ago that I actually heard him bark, and what a loud bark it is! I was having him watch some of the runs and he was all excited and barking & bouncing - a good sign for a future agility star. More of his personality comes out each day and he is such a sweet boy, he has made lots of friends, both human and dog.


Skwyrlly said...

Wow. Congrats to both you and Skye. You're an awesome team. It'll be fun to watch you with Rip.

kiwichick said...

That pic of Skye is awesome. Rip looks like he is settling in nicely. The three B & W smoothies look so cute together :-)