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Chaos Crew

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skye's Weaves

My boy's weaves make me crazy. We can do a trial and have him hit every weave without an issue, and then the next trial, he will miss entries and pop out. Absolutely no consistency from trial to trial. No doubt, I am "feeding" that when we are running and probably contribute to his missing them with worrying about it. I consciously try to not worry about them but who knows.

In training, he has excellent weaves, though even in training he will on occasion miss an entry and though rare, he may come out at pole 10. I haven't really been happy with his entries though because I have to shape them more than I'd like. I am always impressed by some of the very advanced dogs that can seek out and find an entry anywhere. Also, I haven't been pleased with Skye's speed in the weaves - I know he can go much faster, and I recently proved it.

So, I've decided to start making a bigger effort to improve weave performance. First, I am incorporating his favorite game of frisbee with doing weaves in the front yard (not in the more stressful training field). I am also going to follow some of the guidelines by Rachael Sanders and Rhonda Carter on proofing weaves.

Here's a video showing his fast "frisbee" driven weaves and some other weave related clips.

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kiwichick said...

The toy definitely increases his drive.