Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rhett is here....

After a long, delayed flight, Rhett arrived at the Denver airport on Monday Night (7/21/08). We didnt get home until almost 3am. Poor guy began his journey from Pennsylvania about 5pm, so almost 12 hours of travel.
He is a Great dog! I am thinking of changing his name to "Rip", short for Riptide - though I am catching grief about changing his name from my wife and daughter.
I took him out to watch some agility classes this week and he really wanted to run out and participate with what those dogs were doing. He's very loving and people oriented, and yet he gets along with all our dogs and every dog he has met so far. The only one who has hassled him is his sister Rush!
Here are some pictures from yesterday when I had him out playing with Skye.

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kiwichick said...

I really like Rip for a name. Very similar to Rhett so he shouldn't mind too much :-) Congrats he is going to be fun for you.