Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Monday, July 14, 2008

Backwards steps for Kaylen

I was hoping that our little Kaylen would maintain the new found confidence that she developed earlier this year with regards to agility training, but it's just not the case. As soon as summer arrived, and the first thunderstorm boomed, I no longer had a dog during class. If we were working indoors on the weave-a-matics, or doing a teeter bang, she was ok but still quite reserved/concerned. Once we headed outside to work on everything else, she completely shut down, and as soon as she was offleash for her turn, she would leave me and go stand by the door or slink away somewhere.
She's developed such a fear again that I must give up her training for the last time and officially assign her the role of border collie pet. She likes frisbee if the sky is clear, and she makes a great lap-collie, but I am afraid thats going to be about it for this ol' girl.


Emily said...

Sorry to hear about that...

But I'd be willing to bet Rhett will happily take over the spot!!! :o) Good luck with him, and congrats! Hopefully he'll enjoy agility more than his silly sister (Rush) does. I hope her dew claw is all healed!!

kiwichick said...

I am sure she will have fun being a couch potato. I have decided to retire Tug my R & W BC as he doesn't really like agility and would rather go hiking.

Greg S said...

I think she will be fine in her "new" old role of being a pet. Its too bad she is so afraid of thunder because she can be really fast and fun when she wants.

I am hoping for Rhett to really dig agility. Watch for upcoming posts about our progress!