Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rip training.

Rip has gone to a few level 1 agility classes now and is learning some new skills. I am working on improving his confidence and drive, as he is a bit "soft". He was not brought up in an agility home, so for them, a soft dog was a good thing - very well behaved, but I want him to be a lot more rambunctious.

When he first arrived a few weeks ago, he had no interest in toys or balls. This has improved considerably and he is now running to get a toy, playing some tug and tossing a mini tennis ball around. He really likes this particular cow udder on a rope toy. I am still working on his desire to bring the toys back to me when he runs out and grabs them, so I need to pick up a couple identical toys that he likes and play games with him.

He is getting very good at Perch work and is perching and circling around for rear awareness. Funny thing is I brought out a higher perch (3rd height change) but it was made of slippery metal (an old popcorn tin) and he didn't want to perch it. I need one of similar height that is made of plastic or something.

Today I took him out to the building for some simple jump training, as he wasn't too interested in doing the jump when we tried in class two weeks ago. This time he was jumping and having a lot of speed and drive which I was quite happy with. He was even seeking it out and jumping to earn a treat. I am keeping the jumps low for now (12") as he is still young and inexperienced.


kiwichick said...

Hang in there. I think it is hard for a dog when they are rehomed. It takes awhile to get there confidence. It sounds like he is turning on slowly but surely.
I think Rift is in a fear period. He is being snappy around strangers so I have to really watch him. We are working through it though.

Skwyrlly said...

I think you guys are doing great and it's got to be much more fun and rewarding that Joey! I saw that toy at an online store and thought about ordering one so I'll have to check yours out. For now we're trying rabbit fur.