Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rip triaining update.

I've been taking Rip to two training classes a week for the last couple weeks - he is in an Agility 1 class and also participating in the Puppy class, though he really is outside the "puppy" classification.

I am really happy with his progress. As I had mentioned, when he arrived to me just over a month ago, he had no interest in any toys, tennis balls, or any kind of "play" interaction. He has really come along and will play quite a bit now. I bought a stuffed rabbit toy that he really likes, and he will tug and play with a cow udder toy, as well as run and get a tennis ball and bring it back to me. Good boy! Funny thing is he thought the greatest toy ever was this roll of duct tape that was about used up. He was tossing it and chasing, generally being a goofy puppy with it.
We've been working on a lot of foundation and its going well. He even will happily get on the wobble board and is OK with its movement - he wouldnt get on it at all before.

Though I am planning on teaching a running contact with Rip, we have done some work on locating 2o2o contact positioning.

I am still working on his confidence, especially when meeting new people. He is still crouching down and acting a little afraid, but when they bend down to meet him, he will be a snuggle boy.

He went with us to the USDAA show in Laramie, and he did good on the 3.5 hr ride in the truck, though he spent a lot of time sitting and watching instead of sleeping like the other dogs. At the USDAA show, he was very intent on watching the agility action just like he does here. One time I asked Katrina to hold his leash while I got something and she somehow had the leash slip out, and Rip went tearing into the ring while someone was running. Ugh! The judge let the person rerun, and they Q'd so no love lost, but that was not a good moment.

I'll update with a weigh-in tomorrow. I am hoping he is closing in on 40lbs.


Skwyrlly said...
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Skwyrlly said...

And he can stand up on his back legs! Merlin went running into the ring at El Pomar and then came back before Lorrie and Mia saw him so we got away with it. Makes you sick when it happens, huh?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing great with Rip! I can't wait to meet him and see you run him in agility. FUN! Hopefully we will see you guys soon.