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Chaos Crew

Monday, August 25, 2008

USDAA at Laramie, WY, August 2008

Skye and I were up in Laramie at the USDAA show this past weekend. Since I have to wait for yet another install to complete for my computer that needs to be rebuilt (a whole 'nuther story), I will write about our results.

I am happy to say that we had a really good weekend. We drove up on Friday, as the trial wasn't starting until 4pm. We only had 1 run for Friday, which was the Steeplechase round 1. You had to do the weaves twice in this course, and Skye missed his entry (what weaves dad?) twice, but after stuffing him back in them, he completed the course and we managed to Q and get into round 2 to be held Sunday.

Saturday we ran Gamblers first and we missed Q'ing that by a wrong tunnel entry in the distance challenge, but generally it was a good run. Next was Standard which we Q'd with a 1st, and nice weaves! I did try to step on Skye when he came out of the chute but we talked that over and he forgives me.
Then we ran Grand Prix (ok the performance equivalent Perf. National Standard) and we got a Q with 1st place! That was worth a "buy" certificate into the second round at a Regionals. Nice big blue ribbon too!
Finally we did Jumpers and got a Q & 1st there too.

Sunday we started with Pairs, and I did something I had never done before - I skipped part of the course! It wasnt a matter of forgetting the course, like a "where am I" kind of moment, it was a "here's the baton, you start your part now" I am all done kind of moment, then when the judge blew the whistle, I realized I skipped a jump, the weaves and a tunnel, but the way the course was designed, it was easy to do, and I wasnt the only one who did!
We then ran Standard and we got a Q & 1st again. No weave troubles there!
Next up was the Round 2 of Steeplechase. I was having a great run but damnitall if I didnt get the wrong end of the tunnel on a really tough sequence. I could have handled it better, though Skye pretty much just decided he knew where to go. Our time was really good and we would have taken 1st if not for the oops. That probably would have netted me about $15 in winnings!
We finished the day with Snooker, and it was my first ever P3 Snooker run (think Excellent). The weaves were the 7pt obstacle, so since we were actually having a good weave weekend, I decided to go for a couple sets of weaves for points, and he did them great. We had a good run, but with Skye acting somewhat goofy and causing a little bit of time wasting, the buzzer went off when he was in the weaves during the closing so we didnt get the final 7pts. We did Q, but just missed our first "Super Q" by about 1 second.

Greg & the weavin' Skyeboy


Johann The Dog said...

Nice job at the trial! Great blog!

Greg S said...

Thanks! Seems your blog is chock full too - I'm going to have to check it out.

Morganne said...

That tunnel entrance in round two was VERY tough! Lot's of dogs took the wrong end. I used my outside hand to pull Ms. Sage over the jump and into the correct entrance. I think that was the only way to handle that with her.

Congratulations on a great weekend. Skye is getting very consistent!

kiwichick said...

You and Skye looked very smooth this weekend!