Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rip 2x2 weaves, day 13

Today I moved the poles back outside, as I had been working them in the training building the last 2 times. I moved out because I was needing to stake down the poles so Rip wouldn't move them. Since he was doing well, I rotated them a bit more, close to 4 straight poles.

As I mention in the video, he was at a 50% success rate after a couple minutes. We then hit a series of misses from the offside and he seemed to be getting a little frustrated, looking around and driving less, so I waited for him to hit it right once more and we finished with some fun tennis ball play in the building.

This session I also mistakenly rewarded a miss, and though I was upset with myself for doing it, I figure it was going to happen at some point! Its tough to time the reward correctly!

I'll do another session tomorrow with the poles in the same place, and will continue with the same positioning until I see at least 80% success. Then, Thursday we head for a USDAA trial in Kansas, so there won't be any weave training until Monday next week.

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Nicki said...

good luck at lawrence, we are headed there next weekend for the AKC trial. As for parking lot puppies-I see an unbelevable amount of people who purchased their dog in the wal-mart parking lot. It's unbelievable