Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rip 2x2 weaves, not much to say

The cold weather has frozen the ground, and with it, the anchors I used to hold the 2x2 weaves in place. When we had the spell of 60 and 70 degree days a week ago, the ground was accommodating and let me pound in the 8" spikes to hold the weaves. Now the ground wont let go, and I cant adjust the poles to a straighter position!

At this point, Rip is hitting almost 100% from onside entries. I haven't been doing many offside, as rather than frustrate him, I am doing offside with just a set of 2 poles in the training building so that he gets the point of them again. He is doing great with the 2 poles, and they are basically turned straight, maybe close to the 1&7 position, but he gets it with 2.

The weather hasnt been very cooperative, with cold and constant gusty winds making training outside less than enjoyable. At least the little bit of snow we got was gone the next day. We're getting a small amount of snow again tonight, but I doubt it will be enough to worry about, though it probably wont get above freezing to melt it until Sunday.

This weekend Skye and I are doing 2 days of the 4 day AKC trial at the Denver Stockshow location. They have a lot going on there, with conformation, obedience and agility. There should be lots of vendors - I may pick up a new collar for Rip. He chewed up his nice brown one that matched the leash I bought him - "brother" Ice took the collar off him, and then Rip decided to chew it in half.

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Elayne said...

Good luck at CKC this weekend. We'll be at DOCNA, hoping Strummer can keep his brain inside his head.