Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rip moves to level 3 class & weaves day 12

Tonight Rip had his first level 3 class and he did a great job. He had focus and drive through the whole class, never visited any dogs and generally did what I asked of him. Such a good boy. He does get very amped up when other dogs are running, and he will bark at them and want to herd, but I know its going to happen so try to keep it to a minimum.

We got to show our progress with the 2x2 weaves in class while the other students ran their dogs through the weave-a-matics. I have generally been staying away from weave-a-matics while training the 2x2's as I dont want to confuse him.

We did a couple minutes of weave practice earlier today, and then a couple minutes in class, so this was his day 12. I expect in the next day or two that I will be moving the two sets of poles to be in straight/inline position, though I need to move back outside for this so I can anchor them to the hopefully not frozen agility field.

Check out this picture - Skye is being a very proper boy with his sit, and Rip is in a "I'm ready to move in either direction at 100mph" sit. Goofy boy.

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Skwyrlly said...

Nice picture. They couldn't be more different and this shows it.