Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok, now melt already...

The big hyped storm came with a lot of wind and bad visibility, but not near as much snow as promised, but the 6 or 8 inches we got is WAY more than we saw at one time this winter. Seems the Boulder area was in the sweet spot of this storm according to Elayne's pictures

However, it is still spring, and we would rather have sunshine, warmth, budding trees and spring flowers, so now its time to melt it, but meanwhile the dogs are enjoying the snow.

Not so much here, thanks wind.

A bit more here


Rip thinks there is nothing more comfy than a pile of snow.

Let the winter games begin!

Somehow, Skye finds a tennis ball.

Tennis ball hunting. He puts it in the snow, and then snorkels around until its found.

YESSS!! Success!

Damn, game over. Where'd that ball go?


Jackie said...

These pictures are awesome! I love the success one. Do Rip and Skye like each other?

Greg S said...

Thanks - that Success picture was some lucky timing on my part!
Sometimes Rip and Skye like each other - today they were actually playing. I think Skye "tolerates" Rip more often than "likes" him though!

kiwichick said...

Our snow has all melted already :-)

Champion of My Heart said...

Love the success photo too.

Can you add the option to put in just Name and URL for comments?

We don't really use any of the programs lists as options.

Nicki said...

Oreo used to hunt tennis balls in the snow when he was younger but now he's not as interested and we don't get much snow around here anymore. All rain right now-cold, yucky rain.

Greg S said...

I'd rather have snow than a cold rain. Must be some global warming going on over there Nicki. In the winter and early spring here, if we get any moisture, its always snow, probably up until mid April.

Morganne said...

Skye is SO CUTE! Go figure he would find a tennis ball in all that snow.