Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rip height update

It takes two people to try and get a height measurement on Rip, one to distract him from the evil measuring device and one to do the measuring. Katrina and I did our best to measure him the other day. He is now 17 months old so he should almost be done growing.

As best as I can tell, he is right at 21" tall. Of course, it may be 1/4" either way. That puts him right at Skye's height, which is officially 21" on his AKC card, and 21.25" on his USDAA card.
If Rip comes in over 21", that will, of course, mean he would jump 26" in USDAA Championship division. As Rip is long & lean, that would probably be fine for him although I have never jumped him higher than 20" in training.

I'm still trying to build his confidence in using an actual measure wicket. I think he must have been attacked by one in another life.

Also, he still weighs 42lbs and looks like he could fill out a little more, but he's claimed that weight as his own.


Jackie said...

Poor dog! It would be a lot easier to jump him lower, huh? When do you think he will move to advanced?

Greg S said...

Its a mixed blessing, jumping in the USDAA 22" division. Easier on the dog, but it's the most competitive and biggest group, just like AKC 20". When he gets a little older, maybe I will try him jumping 26", but I dont see any reason to at this point.

To move to advanced, you must have weaves (among other things), so I need to get through moving to 12 poles and have it be pretty successful. There is currently an opening in the Young Guns class, so I'd like to make it there once he's ready to move up.