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Chaos Crew

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rip 2x2 weaves, day 20?

Just a quick update (I have video from this weekend, but havent edited it yet)

Rip is working well with 6 poles, and though I have had him miss a couple times, he is generally hitting them correctly. I have two jumps that we're using to test entries, one onside, and the other offside.

Over the weekend I went out to do some weaves with him, and just as we got there, the neighbor two houses over started shooting shotguns (at what, I dont know). Now, we're on 40 acres, so its not like they were in my yard, but still quite a distraction that would send many dogs running (matter of fact, I saw someone's German Shepherd bolting for the back 40, hope they came back). Rip did very well with the shooting going on, though he wasn't very focused.

For onside entries, when I get Rip going fast over the jump into the weaves, he isn't collecting as much as needed to get into poles 2/3, so I need to work this more and maybe rotate the second set a little to make sure he gets it.

I did take him out today, and we worked them for maybe 2 minutes at most. He seemed tired, as he'd been very busy today, so as I wasn't getting the energy out of him that I wanted, I stopped after hitting the poles about 3 times.

I am not that happy with his speed in the poles, but he seems more concerned about accuracy than speed right now, and I know with confidence he will get faster. I haven't yet introduced the 2nd set of 6 poles, but I plan to do that this week.

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