Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ok, that sucked.

Otherwise known as "I should have listened".

Rip's short training session today on his 2x2 weaves really sucked! Katrina said, before I went out there, aren't you supposed to give the dog a break and not train it every day? Well yes, that is what the video said, once they were at a point where they actually weave, give them a break to let their body recover. He's not actually weaving yet, so no recovery needed right?

Apparently not.

Anyway, I setup the 2 sets of poles like the previous day, and it was as though he hadn't ever seen them before. No video proof fortunately. He was just running around the first set of poles and sometimes into the second set. Sometimes he'd just go in the second set. After a number of failed attempts I decide to step things back a bit, opened the two sets up and put them further apart. Still same run around stuff going on. Ok, step even further back and put the second set of poles away and leave only the 1 set at 2&8. Still running around it every time. What the hell? So got him to finally go through once, rewarded and ended there.

The whole session was less than 10 minutes with some intermediate ball playing but just amazing to me that we can make such steady progress and then we have this.

Maybe I was moving things too fast for him - more foundation and understanding is needed apparently so I will rewind a bit and make sure its good to move on. I was concerned about him becoming "bored" with the low level of challenge in the early on sessions as the video mentioned. I dont want to "drill" any of it so need to be careful there.

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Skwyrlly said...

Oh no. You guys will regroup though. Since it's so cold it's a good time to take a break anyway.