Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Sunday, January 4, 2009

USDAA, part deux

We finished our USDAA trial today. Its cold days like this that I'm sooo happy trialing at heated Castle Rock instead of the Snow Meisters' Latigo with no heat. It was 9 degrees when we left the house today and never got warmer than about 19 all day, which is a far cry from the 60 we had just two days ago on Friday.

So today was a most excellent day for Skye and I. We went 4 for 4, with three 2nd places and a 1st place. This was our first trial at the P3 level for all events - the last USDAA trial a couple months ago we did one run at P3 for Snooker, but now we are P3 for everything. We did P3 Standard and managed a nice 2nd place performance. Then we did P3 Pairs, where I ran with my wife & Baby for the first time (her first trial trying out Performance) and we had a blazing run, but a 5pt jumped dogwalk contact pushed us to 2nd place. On our pairs run, there were only 2 other teams in Masters that had faster times than us, by not more than 1 second, and those teams were made up of a couple of the notoriously fast dogs. I'm still not sure how we did it.

Then we ran Snooker, and the 7pt obstacle was a combo of tunnel/jump and seemed verry doable. We got all the 7's and finished the closing for a 1st place and our first Super Q (on just our 2nd try in P3 snooker).

The day ended with P3 Jumpers, and we had a nice run, just 3/10ths out of first, so Yeah Skyeboy, good day!!!


Skwyrlly said...

You guys had such an awesome weekend and were truly wonderful to watch, great handling and a dog truly in tune with his partner. Very nice.

Morganne said...

Sounds like you two had an awesome three-days!
Congratulations on placing in TEAM!
Is Skye getting faster? He looks like he is...

Greg S said...

I think Skye is going faster lately - certain dogs like Chaos, Bailey (Don Hanson's) and Ayr would usually be 2 to 4 seconds faster than us but I've noticed that gap closing to less than a second at times now. Its encouraging that we could be getting faster & faster as we gain more experience.

kiwichick said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Congratulations.