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Chaos Crew

Saturday, January 3, 2009

USDAA update for Skye and two weeks away

We are 2/3 the way through our 3 day USDAA trial this weekend. Its one of only two Colorado USDAA shows that offer DAM team competition, so I signed up for it with Skye and was to be partnered with Ana and Meg as we did last summer at our Regionals. It turned out that Ana had to pull from the trial with Meg and her other dog Gracie who was also running PVP team, so.... Ana's two partners got partnered up, which is very cool since her other partner is Lorrie, our very own agility 1-3 instructor and the person I call "Wife 2" since we see each other all the time. We named our team "Rescues Rock" as they are both rescue dogs.

The team competition was split between Friday and Saturday, and I'm happy to say that we managed a 4th place finish (there were 14 teams I believe) and now we are qualified for team at Nationals. If not for me blowing our team standard run with a stinking offcourse, we would have had 1st.

We have also done a P3 Gamblers run, which Skye took 1st in, and a P3 Standard that we missed with a jumped DW contact.

Our tournament runs of Performance Grand Prix and Performance Steeplechase were both NQ'd. We had a weird weave miss in Steeplechase, where he went from pole 9 to pole 11, and I didnt take him back to fix it as I don't want to put any stress on the weaves - which is working as Skye has hit ALL his other weaves this weekend, including 3 times in P3 Gamblers and twice today in Team Gamblers. Our Grand Prix run also had a jumped DW contact (Grrrr, wazzzzzup with the contacts!!) and I mishandled a piece causing Skye to go around a jump, so that was $$ not so well spent!

Tomorrow we will have 4 runs, in Std, Pairs, Snooker and Jumpers.

On a side note, I have to be in California for work for the next two weeks, so no agility or training.

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