Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rip 2x2 weaves, day 5

Today was full of meetings for work which limited my time for much training.
I did sneak out during a break to do 1 session with Rip today. I went back inside the training building this time, hoping for some focus as I planned on introducing the second set of 2 poles.
After a couple warm-up entries on the first two poles, I did add the second set. It's like he just knew he was supposed to run through those after going through the first set of two. Good boy Rippers! I only had him do a few repetitions and had to go back to work though. I did make sure to reward a couple times between the two sets of 2 just to reinforce that the first set still has value. The sets are still about 15' apart - that is where I left them today.
Tomorrow I will have him do the two sets again at 15', and then I will cut that distance in half for a few more reps. Hopefully there will be more time available and I can film my session. I also plan on moving my location back outside if the weather cooperates.

The weather this week has been really amazing - sunny and highs in the 60's, approaching 70. Not your typical January in Colorado. Friday is suppose to start us back in the normal direction and by this weekend we will have highs in the 40's again. We have a chance of showers tomorrow.
I have a 2 day AKC trial at Latigo with Skye this coming weekend, and they have decided to run the Excellent classes back-to-back, so it should be pretty short days. It helps that Latigo is less than 10 minutes from home too!

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Cathy said...

With Cherish, I found that when I added the second set of poles and rewarded between them a couple of times, then she realized that the two sets go together, she HAS to do the first set in order to continue to the second set. After that her entries from the 7-11 side of the pie went to a MUCH higher success rate. The progression to 6 moved very fast after this point. Keep it up! Cathy & Lock-Eye Cherish