Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rip 2x2 weaves, day 8, or is it 9?

After our setback the other day with our 2x2 weaves, I gave Rip a day off from weave training. As it turns out though, Monday night is his class night, so he still got to play agility, which he does love to do, and visit with his girl friends Cricket and Vega.

So tonight I brought him out for another 2x2 session and fortunately he did a good job. I put both sets back, about 6 feet apart, and they were rotated at about 1&7. For the most part he hit them fine. A couple times he just ran into the 2nd set, then looked around like "hey, where is the ball" but I told him "oops" and brought him back again and he would get it.

I'm happy that he has a good attitude about the training and he hasn't shut down when he's made mistakes - that makes it easier for me.

He love's the new squeeky tennis ball that Vega's mom Jackie gave him in class last night!


Skwyrlly said...

I'm so glad he likes the squeeky ball. I pick some up for you when I'm there next if you want. I think it's $6 for 3 of them.

Greg S said...

Hey Jackie - if you are at the store, it'd be great if you pick up a pack of those squeekys for Rip. Just let me know how much and I can bring it to class.