Chaos Crew

Chaos Crew

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Skye at the PPOC AKC trial at Latigo

Skye and I played AKC this weekend at cold Latigo Trails. I do hate signing up for this annual icebox trial at unheated Latigo only because it always seems to be freezing. This weekend was no exception, and today's high temp was about 20 degrees with snow flurries and a wind of 15 - 20mph.

Now as much as I hate sitting around in the cold, Skye really likes it.

The weekend summary is, 3/4 Q's with our 4th Double Q!

The one run we missed was the first run of the weekend - Saturday's Standard. It wasn't really bad, but I couldn't call Skye off the offcourse tunnel at the end of the dogwalk. He was giving me the "speak to the paw, not listening" that I sometimes get with offcourse tunnels. In the same run he missed the weave entry as it followed a straight fast line of jumps and I didnt collect him for the weaves.

We had a nice JWW run on Saturday with a 6th place. On Sunday, we got the Q to start the day in Standard. We lost probably 1 - 2 seconds with a delayed sit on the table, and I didnt like how I handled a front cross after the AFrame before the weaves, which probably cost me another second, but we still ended up with 6th place.

Then we finished Sunday's JWW course with a nice run, and I did everything as planned - not sure I would have changed anything at all - yet again ended up in 6th place, about 1 second out of the placements.

I think I have 3 of the 4 runs on tape - need to pull them from the camera. I will post the video when I have it.


Nicki said...

Congrats, hard to complain about 3 for 4!

Skwyrlly said...

Congratulations... I'm sorry I missed the runs but not the cold.

Morganne said...

Wow, 3/4! That's awesome! And pretty high placements as well.

It wasn't as cold as it was in November.

Also, thanks for videoing Sage's Standard run!
If you get time, can you e-mail me the video?

Greg S said...

Yeah, I was pretty happy with 3/4 especially with some of those courses!

Morganne - check your Yahoo email for Sage's run, it should be there :)

Morganne said...

No video:-( and not in my Spam folder.